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Ghostemane - AI

Ghostemane - AI
Исполнитель песниИсполнитель: Ghostemane
Количество скачиваний песниСкачали: 92
Дата добавления песниДата: 29 авг. 2020 07:10
Просмотров песниПросмотров: 248
Длительность песниДлительность: 02:54 мин:сек.
Размер песниРазмер: 6.68 MB
Bitrate песниBitrate: 320 kb/s
Доступно на iPhone, iPad, AndroidДоступно на: iPhone, iPad, Android
Ghostemane - AI
Ghostemane - AI
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Ghostemane - AI mp3

Текст песни:

If you don't know me by now, I don't want you to

None of your favorite rappers ever tell the truth

Lie, lie, lie, lie, lie, out of my mind

It's about damn time y'all startin' to die

Lay low, I'm the ghost at your window

Went away, now I'm way away

There he go, fuck an icon, eyes on A.I.

Oh, I fucked around and put a pipe bomb in your radio

A.I., A.I., A.I., A.I.

(Ooh) A.I., (Ooh) A.I., (Ooh) A.I., (Ooh) A.I.

I don't wanna be the one to bear the bad news

But a man who's claiming he's the man ain't a man at all

Overcompensating for the lack of ability

To really be an icon, not even a bygone

Modern-day unsustainable, painfully mundane

Forgettable, gets old in a minute

Get sold to a label then never (See them again)

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